We exist to support our members.

Our members are passionate about making a difference for individuals, whānau and communities and we are passionate about making a difference for our members.

We are currently working to Strategic Intent 2020-2023.

We advocate for our workforce and for people using addiction services. We do this by engaging with key stakeholders and organisations within the health and allied sectors, by raising issues in a range of settings, and by making submissions on relevant topics.

We promote and foster ethical, competent practice.

We foster and maintain ethical and competent addiction practice in Aotearoa New Zealand and set the standards for practice as kaitiaki of Tikanga Matatika – Code of Ethics, the Addiction Intervention Competency Framework and our registration and renewal process.

We manage practitioner registration and endorsement.

We uphold the standards and reputation of the sector through a robust registration and renewal process. Appropriately qualified practitioners can apply for registration. Practitioner registration is evidence of the practitioner’s competency to work as an independent clinical case manager in addiction practice.

We also endorse support workers, provide an accreditation process for clinical supervisors, have membership for our peer support and lived experience workers, and students.

We recognise kaumatua who have contributed significantly to the addiction sector.

We ensure professional development.

We provide professional development, networking and training opportunities to support competent and effective practice. To ensure that practitioners remain current, continuing professional development (CPD) is a requirement for endorsed and registered practitioners. We monitor CPD through the endorsement, registration and renewal process.

We host numerous workshops throughout the year to provide members with opportunities for professional development. Cutting Edge, the national addictions conference held in September each year, provides an excellent opportunity for the sector to network and learn about innovative thinking and practice.