At the end of February 2022, dapaanz had 1720 active members, up from 1664 member in February 2021.

  • Just under half of our members are registered practitioners, with a further 13% holding provisional registration.
  • Just over one in six registered practitioners are gambling practitioners, as are one in seven provisional practitioners.
  • 25% of our membership are accredited clinical supervisors.
  • Just under two-thirds of our membership identified as European or Pākehā, with one in four members identifying as Māori, around one in ten as Asian, one in 13 as Pasifika. Just under 2% of members were from the Middle East or Africa.
  • Our members come from all over the country and work in a great variety of settings, in both rural and urban areas.
  • 29% of members are aged under 40, while 37% are aged over 55.
  • 44% have been members for more than five years.

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