Our Mission and Purpose

We foster excellence in addiction practice.

We ensure Aotearoa’s addiction workforce is ethical, competent and culturally-responsive so that whānau affected by addiction can flourish.


The story behind the dapaanz brand icon.

The inspiration for the dapaanz brand icon is the tukutuku pattern ‘waharua’ that shows vertically paired diamond shapes. The pattern represents commitment and courage.

It also suggests a point where people or events cross, and serves as a reminder that change can occur at these meeting points.

In developing our brand identity, we were inspired by these notions. We wanted to honour these decisive moments, when our members support whānau and communities in Aotearoa, whose lives are impacted by addiction.

To tātou uara | Our Values

We judge our success by the calibre of those in addiction practice.

We are unrelenting in our effort to make a difference.

We believe that people have the power they need to act for themselves.

We treat people with dignity and empathy.

We don’t shy away from saying what needs to be said. We are truthful in our actions and realistic in our expectations.

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